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Integrity welcomes 2018 with excitement and a brand new mix to remind us there's No Time Like The Present. Featuring 30 dissected psy trance and acid trance tracks mixed by hand and with love for the art of the DJ, stream or download the mix in Music!

Integrity sat down with Electric Underground Podcast host Last Level Boss and Sykopath of Outer LImits for a roundtable discussion hitting all hot-button topics affecting rave culture today. Check out the podcast on Soundcloud. You can also download an exclusive mix paired with the show in Music!

Integrity enters his 18th year as a DJ and rave culture advocate. Check back soon to see where he stands in 2017.

Integrity welcomes 2016 with a brand new mix and original music. Check out and download "The Shake Down" now in Music, visit Integrity on Soundcloud for "The Shake Up".

"It's A Secret" is Integrity's latest mix and a refocus on the traditional hard driving rave sounds he was influenced by over 15 years ago. Featuring psy trance, hard trance, and hard house, it's over 80 minutes and ready for download! Check it out under Music

"Alien Communications" is the latest original release from Integrity, combining his passion for dark, driving trance and techno based sounds with his intent to create music that stands alone. Check it out on Souncloud

Integrity releases "Switch", an original production incorporating elements of trance, techno, and house into one neat underground raved out package! Check it out on Soundcloud!

Integrity releases "Wake Up!", an exclusive mix for Kikwear's Morning Mix Series! Check it out under Music!

Hardmind Productions, a DJ collective Integrity has been a member of since 2002, has a brand new website with history, photos, mixes, and more! Check it out here!

Check out Integrity's brand new mix, "Psy Thrash", featuring 23 tracks of driving, crossover psy trance! Get it now under Music

Integrity is proud to announce that he is the newest member of the Official Kikwear DJ Team! He is looking forward to representing the brand with pride and working on new projects to advance rave culture. Be sure to check out Kikwear's clothing shop here and stay tuned!

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Integrity is a New York City metro based DJ/producer/event coordinator who has been actively involved in rave culture since 1999. In addition to his passion for mixing and distributing driving and deep trance, techno, and hard dance, Integrity has co-produced and/or consulted for hundreds of events, including the flagship Saturday Morning Cartunes series taking place in Cedar Creek Park, Long Island, and beyond. 

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In 2017, Saturday Morning Cartunes went on an Undercover mission and wound up getting Exposed! Stay Tuned to see what they're up to in 2018!